Say It With Beef
Sending Stuff

Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations

You may cancel your order at any time by contacting us at If your order has shipped but not delivered at the time of your cancellation, the package will be intercepted and redirected back to us, and the calculated cost of shipping* along with an intercept fee of $13.40 from UPS will be deducted from any refund due (package intercepts are not available for UPS SurePost).

Should your order already be delivered, your order may be returned assuming the product packaging is unopened. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Once the order is received by Say It With Beef, a refund minus the calculated cost of shipping* will be issued to the card used for the purchase provided the internal packaging is unopened.
For orders that are shipped using an expedited shipping method instead of the free UPS SurePost service, the additional cost paid for shipping is non-refundable.
If an order fails to be delivered and is returned to sender, a fee is incurred from the carrier for return service. Say It With Beef will be happy happy to reship your order and waive this fee, but you will be responsible for the cost of a second shipping attempt. If you decide to cancel your order instead, you will be refunded for your purchase minus the cost of the return fee and the calculated cost of shipping* from the initial shipment. This applies to any orders which fail to deliver due to an incorrect address, selecting SurePost for a commercial delivery, or any other situation resulting in a return not caused by an error on behalf of Say It With Beef.
Other refunds may be requested by contacting us at and will be given at the desecration of SIWB.
*While the average cost of UPS SurePost shipping is included in the price of each order, the actual cost of shipping varies from purchase to purchase depending on the destination, carrier surcharges, and other potential fees. The calculated cost of shipping refers to the actual shipping costs paid by SIWB for an individual order and is non-refundable.

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Pint Glass

There's no better way to showcase your Broquet than with this classic logo pint glass.

Beer Mug

Just like your Broquet, this logo beer mug is big, bold, beautiful, and holds 16 oz of your favorite beverage.


With a perfect balance of spices and just a hint of sweet, this hardwood-smoked jerky is an old-fashioned favorite.


If you like a little extra kick and flavor, try this smoky jerky seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.


Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Grab a Broquet that is a little sweet, salty, and tangy.


They all sound so good, don't they? If you can decide, get a Broquet with four of each flavor!


Holy crap this stuff is good. Do you like the full stems? Do you like the flower petals? Well you haven't lived until you've had the leftovers! Get four beautiful ounces in a handy doggie bag. Use it as a snack or put it in the floorboard of your car for that lovely "meat musk"!