Say It With Beef
Say It With Beef Daisies
beef jerky daisies in pint glass
beef jerky daisies in beer mug

100% Beef Jerky Daisies

It doesn't take long for a bouquet of ordinary daisies to turn brown and be pushing up daisies of their own. Lamesauce! If you're looking for a gift that is fresher than fresh, you should Say It With Beef and send a Broquet of daisies, instead! Each dozen of these delicious flowers are handcrafted and made from over 1/2 lb. 100% quality beef jerky that will absolutely brighten anyone's day.

Sadly, we can only ship within the USA - we're exploring options!

Basic shipping, taxes, and mug included. Quantity is per dozen.

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Temporarily unavailable . . . but returning soon!

we're having custom packaging made to help ensure the daisies stay together during shipping. get on the Mailing list for updates and coupons!

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Pint Glass

There's no better way to showcase your Broquet than with this classic logo pint glass.

Beer Mug

Just like your Broquet, this logo beer mug is big, bold, beautiful, and holds 16 oz of your favorite beverage.


With a perfect balance of spices and just a hint of sweet, this hardwood-smoked jerky is an old-fashioned favorite.


If you like a little extra kick and flavor, try this smoky jerky seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.


Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Grab a Broquet that is a little sweet, salty, and tangy.


They all sound so good, don't they? If you can decide, get a Broquet with four of each flavor!